Ibou Ndoye Arts                                                                                                                                                                             


Born in , Senegal, West Africa, Ibou ndoye graduated from the Fine Arts School of Dakar, where he developed his God- given natural talents. After spending ten years in Europe,primarily Paris,he decided in 1997 to move to the United States.    

Ibou arrived in New York City and became acquainted with several artists including the master of portraits,John Howard Sanden. He also worked with Oldrich Teply at the world famous Art Student League School. In 1998, Ibou moved to Cincinnati Ohio,where he became a member of the Art Consortium of Cincinnati, which features artists from the Tri-State Area and Art City Walls. He won Best of Show in the Art Consortium's 21st Annual Fine Art Competition,and received a Special Recognition Merit Award at the Upstream People Gall0ery's 8th Annual Realism Juried Online International Art Exhibition.

Ibou was accepted as a founding artist of the California Public Art and Mural Society (CALPAMS), and has been featured in several African newspapers and newswires. He also has been featured in the third ,fourth, fifth , sixth ,seven and eight edition of Who's who in Black Cincinnati.

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